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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grand Hustle, Volume VI of the FemistrySeries

Synopsis: JessicaN. Watkins takes us on a passion-filled ride as she returns with the sixthvolume of the infamous Femistry series, GrandHustle- I shall not want. In this raunchy romantic soap opera–style tale ofpromiscuity and corruption, Jessica continues the saga of the leading ladies ofFemistry with the usual humor, drama, and romance- Yet with an ending that willleave you breathless.

The only thing on nineteen-year-old Star Anderson’s mind istaking care of her son by any means necessary. However, by means of breakingher back at a minimum wage nine-to-five is not an option. Therefore, shefollows in the footsteps of her good friend, Roxie, down a path of scams,escorting, and set ups. Though this path seems to be paved with fast and easymoney, tragedy strikes when plans become hurried and messy. Star’s big sister,Tricey, attempts to clean up Star’s mess while fighting with her new and lovingbeau. He suddenly wants her to skip town with him with no explanation. Thoughshe is deeply concerned about her boyfriend wanting to abruptly leave, Triceyis so focused on rescuing Star that being a love sick puppy and following himout of state is not an option.

However, Lyric doesn’t mind being love sick. She and herboyfriend, James, are knee-deep in love and in the “lifestyle”. As members ofBlack Swinger’s Club, James and Lyric’s relationship is full of excitement,raunchiness, and spontaneity. Yet, once James settles into the lifestyle andpresents Lyric with an ultimatum, she is forced to decide how knee-deep in loveand the lifestyle she is willing to be.

While Lyric contemplates allowing her heart to make herdecision instead of her mind, Tricey’s anger and bitterness drives her tosecretly stalk her boyfriend, leading to a revelation of hidden deception andthe biggest shock of the Femistry series.

Excerpt: http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/3143256/grand-hustle-chapter-1?da=y

Biography: JessicaN. Watkins was born April 1st in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelors ofArts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and Masters of AppliedProfessional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the likeinstitution. Working in Hospital Administration for the majority of her career,Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age ofnine. Eventually, she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year ofhigh school as a single parent: “In the third grade I entered a short storycontest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite theefforts of the darling main character. My writing evolved from apple trees tomy seventh and eighth grade classmates paying me to read novels I wrote aboutkids our age living the lives our parents wouldn’t dare let us”. At the age oftwenty-eight, Watkins’ chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, andrealistic tales of women’s fiction. She hopes that the Femistry series willsuccessfully emulate ideal femininity while tackling stereotypes, familiarheartache, and relatable distress in a humorous and sophisticated fashion.

Jessica N. Watkins is available for talks, workshops, orbook signings. Email her for more information at jessica@femistrypress.net.

Additional information can be found at www.femistrypress.com.

Get to Know the Author:

When did you start writing and why?

I have been writing since I was in the third grade. I actually wrote the first volume of the Femistry series, Jane Doe, when I was a freshman in high school. It just wasn’t published until 2011. I wrote Jane Doe because I was a freshman in high school, fourteen years old, and had just given birth to my son. I felt like no adult understood what I was going through. I felt like they all thought that I was “fast” or being “hot” when I decided to have sex. Yet, I knew that I, along with many other girls around my age, had suffered through certain experiences that lead us to find ourselves in peculiar situations. Jane Doe was my way of telling my personal story, along with the stories of other girls my age that had gone through some of the exact same things. I continued using writing as an outlet during high school and college with the third and fourth volumes of the Femistry series, Thou Shall Not Keep Me Wondering and Just. As an adult, I decided to publish the series and continue writing because I realized that I had actually developed an interesting and entertaining story line and a relatable lineup of characters.

What does the word “femistry” mean and how does it apply to your series?

I define “femistry” as the chemistry within a woman’s body that allows us to feel, react, and act differently than a man. Femistry is the nature of being a feminine being and all that being feminine entails; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The concept of femistry relates to the series as a whole because the intricate details of being a woman shape the stories of the main characters; heartbreak, love, and experiences that only a woman would suffer.

Who are the main characters of the Femistry series?

Lyric Anderson, Latrice Caldwell, and Victoria Brown are the main characters of the Femistry series. They live in Chicago, Illinois and have been friends since elementary school. The series starts out with the various situations that they experience in high school; peer pressure, sex, abuse, single-parent homes, etc. The rest of the series illustrates how what they endured as children affect how they mature and develop into women. However, this development into womanhood is very entertaining and drama filled!

Describe your books and your writing style?

I like to write fiction that involves relatable plots and realistic characters. The women of the Femistry series immolate the realistic ideal of women in today’s culture. Therefore, they are representatives of every woman we know, live the lives of the women that we encounter, and suffer the heartbreak, betrayal, and confusion of every woman that may read this series. In my novels, I leave out no particular personality, sexuality, or situation and I represent as many women that the world has to offer while being entertaining, humorous, and erotic. I never give readers the typical “Hollywood” ending. These novels are an enjoyable read for those that desire realism over irrelevant fiction.

I try to provide readers with novels full of exceptional and relatable literature that illustrates the realistic journey of becoming and being a woman while entertaining, enlightening, and touching the hearts of my readers.

What are the latest happenings in the Femistry series?

Whew! The latest happenings in the Femistry series are a trip! The latest novel is the sixth volume of the series entitled Grand Hustle- I shall not want. In this novel, I gave one of my characters a rest from her drama and brought Latrice’s little sister, Star, to the forefront. As a single parent with an independent mentality instilled in her by her mother, Star finds herself making money in a nonconventional way. This means to an end leads her down a road of scams and fraud. Her big sister, Latrice, attempts to help Star get out of this trouble while dealing with her own drama. Her relationship with her current beau has gone from sugar to s**t and she can’t fathom why. Lyric, however, is knee-deep in love. Our colorful Lyric has now realized that she is a full-fledged swinger and has introduced her boyfriend, James, to the lifestyle. However, now that James has been introduced to swinging, he thinks that he is the mayor of Swinger City with the blueprints on his wall, so Lyric is struggling with James’ realization of his own sexuality and how she fits into it.

Sexuality plays a major role in Grand Hustle and many of the other volumes of the Femistry series. Why is that?

I wanted to include all kinds of women in my books, so homosexual woman were not an exception. I have a host of readers; gay, straight, bisexual, swingers, etc., so I wanted to include that aspect of life in my characters. When Lyric started to experience with bisexuality back in volume three, I wanted to expand on that throughout the rest of the series. Besides, unconventional sex always makes for great erotic reading. * evil grin *

What's next for you?

I am currently working on volume seven of the Femistry series, Love Drug. Look for it in May or June of 2012.

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Buy Book: http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Hustle-shall-not-want/dp/1466261730/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_12

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