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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Married To A Married Man By Rhonda Austin

Married: To A Married Man is sexy, emotional roller coaster ride that will intrigue you at every turn. Risa has to balance a cheating husband, a cheating lover, while she jealously cheats herself. Married: To A Married Man aims to please and willingly tests the foundations of the sacred bond of marriage through a lustful lens


I couldn’t believe my eyes; this had to be a terrible nightmare. My husband and my boyfriend both standing in front of me yelling things at me that I can’t comprehend; and I can feel their pain and see the anger in their faces. My heart aches, my body is numb and my feet will not move. I am frozen, maybe even in shock, but what should I do? I love both of these men, even though they are both like night and day. I have a certain commitment to one but my heart is tied to the other. How did I get myself into this mess? This is not me. I am not an adulterer or player, or even what some may call a whore. But I guess I can trace my footsteps back to this moment and try to figure out how it all came to this. They both circle around my limp and hallowed frame, yelling at me, but wait; one has stopped in front of me, holding my hand and with actual tears in his eyes. This man is not calling me out of my name but looking me in my eyes and I can see the love that he has for me. I can feel his heart beating with mine as the adrenaline begins to come to a full rush. He is no longer angry but hurt and full of unanswered questions that run long past the glares that were given earlier.
“Risa why?” he asked. “Why didn’t you tell me what was going on? Why didn’t you just talk to me? I asked you so many times if something were going on and you just told me lie upon lie. I believed in you Risa. I believed in us.” It was right there that my heart sank and it felt as if I couldn’t breathe. I loved this man standing in front of me and I wanted to comfort him but I didn’t know how to or what to do.
The other man was jumping around in the middle of the street, ranting and raving and cussing me out as I tried to tune him out. He was irrational and I knew that there was no talking to him right now, not at this moment. So many things had began to flash before my eyes, the love I had just made with my beautiful husband, the fun we had been having since he had arrived back home, the passionate love making in front of the fireplace, the promises of a new beginning that we had made, the long baths we took together, the breakfasts in bed, the laughter, the plans for our future, the smile on my son’s face. Oh my God, my family… The wild sex, the freakiness I had learned to enjoy, the romantic get-a-ways, the sex, the extravagant gifts, and the sex, the nights we danced away at the local nightclubs, the sex, the toys , the sexy pics and the videos, the sex. Did I mention the sex? Oh my Lord, what have I done? It didn’t take long for it all to register, that I was Married: to a Married Man!

Rhonda Austin was raised in Sacramento, California but now resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After raising her child into grown status she has finally decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. She currently works as a Medical Benefit Administrator for a national insurance company, but due to some life altering experiences and personal loss, she has decided to shift her life's path to share her stories with others in hopes of becoming a sounding bored to alot of women's dating experience's of today. Sometimes in sharing ones stories another can see their own life through the same lens and make some necessary changes. Rhonda hopes to share many more stories and gain an audience that can appreciate her down to earth honesty of life's different paths and journey's.

Get to Know the Author:

qa1) Can you share with us what made you write Married: To A Married Man?

Married To A Married Man is a very personal story to me. It is based on some actual
events from my own life and from stories I had been told from friends as well. I think many of us have experienced a relationship that was addictive and destructive yet fel so good that it was hard to break away from. Losing one's self to another is always a risky thing and when you are giving your heart to another you must learn to be careful whom you share your love with. I also wanted to delve into how extramaritalaffairs can begin and how complex the situations can become. Marriage is a beautiful thing and it takes work and commitment and staying power.

qa2) What is your writing style and what has stimulated your growth the most?

I would explain my writing style to be a story teller. I have been told that I am a
conscious writer because I write as if I am sitting down over coffee and explaining to someone where it all went wrong and what took place. This is my first book so I
know that I have a lot of growing to do and I know that with each story I tell, my
techniques will improve. I think that what stimulates me the most is sharing life's
experience's with others and knowing that you are not alone in this world. There
may be someone else out there that has gone through the same exact thing and can relate to you.

qa3) What drives you to write? Passion or financial benefits?

Passion definitely drives me to write. I am very passionate about putting words on
paper to express my feelings on something or to simply tell a story. It is a gift to be able to form words together in a way that can grab a person's attention and draw them in to want to continue reading and making them visualize what you are trying to say.

qa4) What was the hardest part about writing your first book?

The hardest part for me was believing that someone would be interested in what
I had to say. I didn't think I could actually sit down and write a story and then
actually see it be formed into a book. I started writing this short story about five years ago and where most writer's experience writer's block, I have never had this problem. My problem came in sitting down and taking time to write the story. And also getting over my fears of exposing myself to judgment and failure. The
whole book industry is so interesting and it is really not that hard to become a published author. You just have to believe in yourself and tell your story.

qa5) On a personal note, what words would you use to describe yourself?

I would definitely have to say that I am a very caring, open minded, honest, down
to earth person who loves the adrenaline rush that comes from falling in love.Even
though I have been married and divorced and I have experienced some highs and
some lows I still believe in love. I am very old fashioned and I was raised with morals and I believe that everything is black and white. Either it is or is isn't. I am driven to live life to the fullest and take advantage of every day that God has given me to pursue happiness.

qa6) What is your latest news or future plans?

I am currently working on the sequel to Married: To A Married Man now to let the
reader's know how Risa's life turned out. And I will continue to write stories that
we common women can relate to. What we see on TV is fantasy and what I write
about it is every day life.

qa7) How may your readers follow you?

My readers can follow me on facebook at AuthorRhonda or on twitter
@ AuthorRhonda4u. I can also be emailed at rosettasbooks@yahoo.com.

Author's book may be purchased at: www.barnes&nobles.com/Nook




  1. OMG!! I just finished and I can't wait for the next book or books!! You have my full attention and support!! Your friend Anthony Harris told me about the book and I plan to spread the word as well.

    1. Thank you so much for the support!! Anthony has got to be one of the coolest friends ever. I am currently working on the sequel and it will be out soon! I promise, lol


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