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Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Love Lost By JW Smith

J. W. Smith is an aspiring writer, readily becoming the hottest new author to hit the streets.

As a child, Smith grew up in one of the jagged neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. Currently, prospering to become a successful author is not stopping at one best seller, yet is set to excel into numerous best-selling novels. With a past history of incarceration and only a high-school diploma, training by way of an educational institution, was not the only way to achieve the knowledge and skills of becoming a writer. The spirit of God provided the faith and the strength to conquer all odds. The perseverance and dedication within himself allowed him to find guidance in what booklovers anticipate.

J. W. Smith comes from a large family and he is a Father of three, two girls and a boy. When he is not indulging in writing, he enjoys spending a relaxing evening with his leading lady while catching up on the politics of society. His oldest daughter, who was involved in a tragic accident at the age of 16, became paralyzed. This initiated him to fight harder in becoming a successful provider, entrepreneur and encouragement to her.

Learn More at http://jwsmithnovelist.com/

Get to Know JW:

I begin my writing career by reading a host of urban novel titles and realizing that my story too, was one that needed to be heard.

2. I learned quite a few things throughout the duration of this manuscript. One of the most important pieces of information revealed to me, was that a great novel holds 80-85% dialog.

3. With my debut novel "No Love Lost", I hope and pray that every word that's written, will effect someone, in someway, to draw near to my gift of storytelling.

4. The story is based on realistic events that I encountered growing up in the confinements of Los Angeles gang laws. This story was set in "real life" stone, prior to me even having knowledge, that I would become a novelist.

5. Just being able to watch your work materialize from a thought/reality to a story that the world will learn to love and appreciate, is a great achievement to me as a writer.

6. I enjoy dialog and there's nothing about expressing myself through the pen that is less desirable to me. Writing a great story that people enjoy reading, is a Divine gift from God.

7. I would definitely say to be more discipline in my work ethics, as well a being able to accept constructive criticism better.

8.The new authors of the publishing industry should make sure they read through their materials thoroughly, before introducing it to the world. (Just personal opinion) Please don't use the traditional publishing houses, that only have their best interest in mind, find a publisher that works closer and more personable to you, as the writer

9. I wish, that all authors in the publishing industry would pull together in acknowledgment, that there is plenty of room at the top.

10. This book is based of true events of my life. I spent quite a few years incarcerated in federal prison and that this is where the first words of this awesome manuscript was written, on a prison tablet.

11. I read, bowl, fish and just enjoy so much, that so many, tend to take for granted. (life's freedom)

12. I utilize several different entities of social net-workings including face-book, twitter, good reads and a few others media outlets, to connect to the real readers of classic urban novels.

13. I am always on the Internet promoting and associating myself with other writers and readers.

14.The first author I ever met was Terri McMillan.

15. I know for sure that God didn't place me on this path of novel writing, just by chance.

16. The next hot title released under Delphine publication..Is the sensual story of a woman that everyone finds Irresistible..."Irresistible Woman..Coming June 2012."

17. I can be reached at jwsmith_author@yahoo.com, jwsmithnovelist.com or Delphine Publications page!


Be sure to visit my website at www.jwsmithnovelist.com

"No Love Lost" - In Stores JAN, 16TH2012


Lil Jay is a young man growing up in the urban lifestyle of "gang life" in the late 1980's. The streets of Los Angeles, California, took control over his mind at a young age, yet he still manages to prevail from the uncertainty of life that only his hood could offer. With a drug addicted father and a mother ready to thrash anyone who crosses her path, a troubled home left him with very minimal options for his future. As a result, Lil Jay only had the streets to call home. Crossing paths with sex and women, death and murderers, drug dealers and addicts, somewhere along the way he finds his true path in the sister of his mentor, Charlette, who intrigues his inner thoughts. Finding himself with a long-term prison sentence, Jay never anticipated what would be waiting for him on the outside. Perseverance took control of his mind and bestowed upon him a different light, allowing him to flourish into a new man

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