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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Haven: The First Taste by Spoken Pandora

Nicole is a business savvy lesbian that has a craving that involves the world of dominance and kink. During her exploration of her sexual desires she comes across an aggressive dominating woman that may be the answer to her all of her prayers.
In my novel, Haven, we follow Nicole on her journey through the world of dominance and extreme sexual desire. Her mind is riddled with thoughts of sexual deviancy and cravings, which lead her to cruise personal ads in hopes of finding someone who understands her needs and fantasies. Nicole gets a little more than she bargains for when she answers and ad placed by someone known only to her as Daddy. Daddy opens Nicole up to a world she only thought she knew and cradles Nicole’s mind turning it into a haven compiled of erotic dreams and images of masturbation. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Excerpt:Hunger can be a fickle beast that will turn on its captor when left unfed. Nicole was no different. Her need for sexual gratification began to wreak havoc on her; invading her space and feeding on her every thought. In the shower it consumed her naked flesh. While she slept it manipulated her dreams into an erotic playground that she feared entering into her real life. It loomed over her like a never ending hangover and began to affect her job performance. She found herself fighting hard to concentrate on her clients, instead of the pounding that beat against her pussy with every step. And now it had led her to the parking lot of a bar that on any other night she would have driven past.
Earlier that day, as she stood in front of a client, she found herself succumbing to the whispers that ravished her body. They poked and prodded her, taking her to a place that resided beyond the walls of her office. While going over the business plan of a potential client she slowly drifted off, while(delete) shedding her suit and neatly wrapped bun for nakedness. As Madeline spoke to her, she saw herself kneeling down in front of her and crawling over to her knee. She felt Madeline running her hand through her wild curls and petting her like some unclaimed kitten who needed an owner. She could smell the breath of her client against her face as Madeline moved in closer to her and slipped her hand between her thighs. Nicole came close to letting out a moan but was interrupted by reality. If it wasn’t for Michael calling into her office over the speaker, she would have given in to her fantasy.
Michael was her loyal assistant and best-friend. He had always appeared when she needed him and his intrusion was welcomed, giving her the diversion she needed to cut the meeting short so that she could clean herself up. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, staring through her reflection, she screamed inside. Raging at whatever this was that was slowly taking over every part of her. And now she was here, sitting in the parking lot of some unnamed bar with only an open(“Open”) sign to welcome her in.
Nicole walked through the doors taking her time to inspect her surroundings, hoping for a clue to tell her why she had come. But there was not, and so she made her way towards the bartender dragging her nails along the withered wood.
Before she could ask for a drink the bartender had a martini waiting for her.
“How did you know?”
“You look like a dry martini type of girl.”
“I’m never dry.” She responded and grabbed her drink.
Nicole made her way towards the jukebox, inserted change, and searched for the right song to play. But before she could make her selection a stranger stepped in and chose a song for her.
“You owe me a quarter.”
“I’m Donatella, but they call me Dante”
Nicole leaned against the stranger, pressing her breast against Dante’s chest.
“I didn’t ask for your damn name.”
“And I didn’t wait for you to.”
Nicole turned to leave but Dante grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her closer.
“Dance with me.”
Dante moved in even closer and whispered in her ear, “That wasn’t a question!”
She grabbed Nicole’s drink and finished it for her. Nicole felt the stern tone of this stranger run its way through her body, making her ignore her mind telling her to leave. Dante slid her hands around Nicole’s waist and rocked her slowly back and forth, in-synch with the beat that blasted through the speakers. Her hand started to slide from Nicole’s waist and ease its’ way up her blouse. Her breath came out heavy and Nicole was two seconds away from giving into her dance partner, but her senses took over and she pulled away. This time Dante wasn’t quick enough to stop her from running out of the bar.
And now here she was sitting in a parking lot, hitting her head against the steering wheel of her car and scolding herself for wanting a touch of a stranger. Nicole had no clue what was happening to her. Tonight proved that the beast she thought she had a handle on was getting out of control and control was one thing she prided herself on.
Her body wanted to be fucked, pounded into submission, subdued. But she couldn’t fathom having random sex with someone she barely knew despite the hunger pains her soul was suffering from. She started her car and flew out of the parking lot not looking back and trying desperately not to turn around.
When she got home she tried to bathe away the filth, but no amount of water would make her feel clean. Deep down she didn’t really want to be cleaned. She wanted something but that something had no name. So she found herself in front of her computer searching through personal ads over the internet. Her senses had turned her body into a depraved beast that needed to be fed and a simple meal would not do.

Spoken considers herself a gypsy poet and describes her writing style as a fornication with words. Her literary journey started out many years ago writing poetry as a means to cope with the chaos that surrounded her. Spoken’s writing quickly evolved and she began writing erotica poetry that tested boundaries and gave a different perspective of lesbian love. Her poetry mixes taboo subjects with the emotional aspects of women loving women to create an eclectic blend of heart-felt prose that leaves its mark after the piece has ended.
In 2010 Spoken published her first erotica novel, Haven: The First Taste through LM Inc. Haven is an erotica series that explores the world of BDSM through the eyes of an aspiring submissive and her potential Dommes. The difference of this work of art compared to many that have surfaced over the years is that all the characters are lesbian women of color and her words are not hindered by stereotypical opinions of a subject that few talk about outside of closed doors. In this novel we are exposed to sexual exploits unlike anything we have ever experienced or at least are willing to admit.
The success of her novel prompted new endeavors. Spoken currently reviews adult sex toys for Eden Fabtasys, Babeland, and Good Vibrations. She also shares her adult toy reviews and speaks on sexually related topics on Mr. Make It happen radio on Blog Talk Radio. In the past she has written lesbian author book reviews and advice columns and she has agreed to write sexually related essays, short stories, and adult sex toy reviews for Lady Gent Code, Sista Gurl magazine, LOTL magazine online, and Tickle Time Toys. Her work can also be seen in the anthology Life, Love & Lust by LM Inc and she will be a part of two other anthologies coming out this year by Eden Fantasys Writers Club and Perverts of Color.
Many writers claim to be different. Spoken owns the title and wears it proudly. You won’t find another erotica writer with her style that easily carries over even when the content isn’t sexual. She welcomes you to her world and hopes to break through the deviant closet, releasing all that we are condition to believe isn’t quote unquote correct by society’s standards.

Get to Know Spoken:
1. What inspired you to write Haven: The First Taste?
a. The first installment of the Haven series, The First Taste, was written during a period of sexual exploration. I had always been labeled a freak, but that title never resonated with me. I had always been kink inclined, but my sexual tastes perplexed me and I wanted to know the source. I didn’t find others of my shade who enjoyed the same things as me and were open about discussing them. For me, it was more than some perversion resulting from issues in my past. I craved to submit in ways that shamed me to the point that I spent most of my days struggling to subdue them. One day I couldn’t suppress my longings and they started to invade my space, making them seen in my everyday life. So I locked myself away in my apartment and began writing The First Taste while I explored myself. I wouldn’t call it a journal, however the novel is riddled with much of my own personal truth. Once I started writing, I couldn’t stop and Haven was born. I needed a place where I could share my thoughts and feel safe and protected. Hence the title Haven.

2. You mentioned that Haven contains much of your truth. Which character is based off of you?
a. Many characters in the first book are based off of people I encountered and at the same time the characters encompass several different people. Nicole, one of the main characters, is definitely my twin and I used her to express the thoughts, experiences, and emotional turmoil that I underwent during my quest. Through Nicole I was able to speak freely, especially since Haven is written as a fictitious novel. I like to call it non-fiction, fiction.

3. What are your current and future plans for your writing career?
a. I am currently working on several projects that will help to form my writing path. I am an adult toy reviewer for three adult toy companies on the internet and was recently allowed to review the Bedroom Kandi adult toyline by Kandi Burress. I am not the only reviewer for this collection but I was the first and it has opened doors for me as an adult toy reviewer. I will also be the reviewer and sexual health writer for Tickle Time Toys. I write a column for Sister Gurl magazine that focuses on sexual health, relationships, and intimacy. I will soon start a column for LOTL magazine online, an Australian based lesbian magazine created by Avalon Media, the company behind Curve magazine. And I have recently secured contributing to Lady Gent Code magazine.
Haven still has a long way to go as far as future books go and I am currently working on the second novel. I am also working on an erotic thriller, an erotic poetry book and a special novel that I am keeping under lock and key until it is complete. My ultimate goal is to become a successful novelist and freelance writer. With the success of Haven, I am also considering becoming an intimacy coach/speaker with a focus on kinks and fetishes. I would also like to see Haven on the big screen but I would like to develop the series more before I pursue this avenue.

4. With all that you do, how do you manage your time?
a. I would love to say that it is an easy task but I pursue as many endeavors as I can think up and my mind is constantly going. I tell myself that it is all for a good cause. With the continued support of my friends and family I continue to thrive. Post-it notes, coffee, and cigarettes also help to ease the process.
I work a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday corporate job. I have a family and like to have girl time, free time, and me time. It is hard to manage these things but I try to set aside time for everything. I start my week with a list of goals and knock them out as the week winds down. But ultimately I try to remind myself that I am only one person and look at what I don’t accomplish as an opportunity. Eventually it all gets done.

5. Why do you write?
a. Well that’s a simple one, if I don’t I would die. Writing for me is like breathing or existing. Without one the other doesn’t exist. I write for those with no voice. I write for those who have lived their lives in shame or under restraint. I write for those who doubt their power to create. I write because when He passed out gifts, this is the one I was given and I treasure it.

6. Writing in general is not the easiest thing to do. Writing in a niche market makes it even tougher. How do you succeed writing this genre?
a. Everyone says that sex sells and they are true to a point. It does sell, but everyone is selling it. To get and stay on top you have to think outside of the box and be true to yourself. I find different ways to tie erotic in to what I do. This is why I do sex toy reviews, erotic poetry, erotic essays, anthologies, etc. The key is to get recognition and write good literature. People often say that they won’t write for free. I have contributed to many projects without pay just to get the experience, exposure and networking opportunities. You have to see the bigger picture. And above all else never give up and remain true to who you are. I write for myself and having loyal fans is an added bonus. If I did not write my truth I would be doing a disservice to my readers. I am nowhere near down, but following these simple steps have put me on the right path.

7. Who is your favorite author?
a. Michael Z. Danielewski. Many years ago a friend of mine shared his book, House of Leaves, with me. I had never read a novel written in much a manner. There’s blank pages, color coded words, passages written in squares, footnotes that take up pages. It’s a masterly work of literary art. When someone tells me that I can’t write this way or that or when an editor completely demolishes a piece of my work, I think of him. It reminds me that I can write in a way that speaks to me and although all may not like it, someone will.

Web Links
Facebook: Spoken Pandora
Twitter: @Spoken_Pandora
Lady Gent Code Magazine: http://www.ladygentcode.com/
Sista Gurl Magazine: http://www.sistagurlmag.2ya.com/
LOTL Magazine Online: http://www.lotl.com/
Author Website: www.Pandorasbedfellow.com
Adult Toy Review and informational website along with author and book info: www.theeroticden.com
Tumblr: www.spokenpandora.tumblr.com


Book Purchase LinksAmazon:
Kindle - http://www.amazon.com/Haven-The-first-taste-ebook/dp/B004H8GEU6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328325424&sr=8-1
Paperback- http://www.amazon.com/Haven-First-Taste-Spoken/dp/1456447173/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1328325424&sr=8-2

Buy Paperback from publisher LM Inc.:

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Paperback- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/haven-spoken/1029418295?ean=9781456447175&itm=1&usri=haven+by+spoken

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